Cracking the ‘Kiki’ Challenge

Drake rocks up at Kiki's house, but her mum's having none of it

What exactly is this thing ‘kiki’ and is it even worth a challenge or do we need to even talk about it at all… Mr Gurjot S Kaler writes for Asian Lite News

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Drake rocks up at Kiki’s house, but her mum’s having none of it

We are living in paradoxical times. The world we inhabit in today’s neoteric 21st century is already full of innumerable challenges; there exists stark economic, cultural and social inequalities, caste conflicts, regional and linguistic problems, violence, hatred and so on. Interestingly and quite surprisingly, rather than devoting their precious time and energy to resolving more grave issues and global challenges, the people across the geographical boundaries have suddenly seemed to become united by a new weird challenge which is described as something called ‘KIKI challenge’. Now, what exactly is this thing ‘kiki’ and is it even worth a challenge or do we need to even talk about it at all.

If someone tries to find the meaning of the word ‘kiki’, the dictionary search would lead one to conclude that the term ‘kiki’ is normally used as a slang to denote a gathering of friends for the purpose of gossiping and chit-chat. However, one soon discovers that the dictionary meaning is completely redundant with respect to the actual hullabaloo associated with the ‘kiki’ challenge. For the uninitiated ones, this phenomenon called ‘kiki’ challenge is the latest craze on the internet which has become viral across the globe and has metamorphosed into an anthem of sorts for the youth, children and the old alike.

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Ok. Fine…enough is enough. Let us get straightaway onto the real process of decoding it now and understand the repercussions of ‘kiki’ challenge. Well, trust the power of internet and the reach of social media to catch people’s fanciful imaginations; this whole ‘kiki’ thing is also a by-product of one video on Instagram wherein a guy is seen dancing on the popular singer Drake’s hit musical single – ‘In my feelings’. Here, the guy in the video grooves to the catchy music and also lip-sings the lyrics ‘Kiki..Do you love me? Are you riding?..” Nothing seems wrong till now but it appears highly preposterous when one watches the guy doing all these acts of lunatic intention on the road by walking and dancing with his open car’s door which is also seen moving alongside him at a rather slow speed. In the age of super-fast connectivity and boom of internet, the unjustifiable dancing actions portrayed in the video have become a rage across the netizens who are imitating it by all ways-cum-means and asking others also to take up the nonsensical ‘kiki challenge’.

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Kiki Challenge – Youtube

What is the undercurrent pleasure in taking up the ‘kiki’ challenge seems to be the hot topic of discussion in news-hour debates and newspaper editorials. Does it make the people doing it look more cool and modern? Or is it taken as a new way by them to announce their free-flowing freedom of spirit or expression or just being used as a tactic to provide a successful vent to their youthful frustrations or simply defy the established senses of right versus wrong in society. May be there are no clear-cut explanations till now even though the administrations and police organizations worldwide have already posted strict advisories to not to indulge in this cheap thrill kind of ‘kiki challenge’ which not only poses a grave risk/danger to the persons doing it but is also threatening and dangerous to the lives of other commuters on the road as a traffic hazard. In fact, there appears to be no logical or valid reason to undertake or promote this moronic ‘kiki’ challenge which has gripped people’s imagination akin to a mass-hysteria.  Many people have rather fallen down from their moving cars and risked getting injured in their futile attempt to perform ‘kiki’ challenge. One does not actually understand that what is the real motivation to do it? Is it the inner desire to be seen as having more views, followers and likes on one’s social media accounts or youtube videos doing the ‘kiki’ challenge act. Is it a hidden temptation to be seen as becoming acceptable and likeable on social media. Whatever may be the intentions, the ‘kiki’ challenge fails to preserve the ethos and eidos of society mores and laws. The road traffic violations are a serious issue and cannot be brushed under the carpet. It is important to understand that our children as the internet generation gets highly affected by whatever they see on the internet and therefore, try to imitate or improvise it further by applying their own unique and strange ideas. Hence, as  responsible members of society, it is our ultimate duty to teach our children the difference between following the wrong versus right kind of people on the internet and discuss with them about the fall-outs or negative results of their ill-thoughtful actions.

Having fun, indulging in entertainment and doing creative things in life must be appreciated and encouraged at all costs. However, when that fun starts becoming harmful or threatening for others living in society, then it becomes really essential to curb the malpractices and put a full stop on the illegal activities masquerading as comical challenges. Before the ‘kiki’ challenges proves to be disaster in someone’s lives, let us undertake a personal counter challenge to spread awareness and educate our near and dear ones. It is even more important to educate and counsel the popular celebrities who are setting wrong examples by posting their own videos of ‘kiki’ challenge. The celebrities should take utmost precautions and due care to ensure that their power of voice and status does not get misused to influence our vulnerable youth. The world is yet to solve other real challenges and crisis like the climate change, eliminating nuclear weapons, tackling terrorism, etc. Much more appreciable would be to focus our energies, time and concentration on resolving the vexatious issues which confront our planet and society. The power of internet needs to be monitored and moderately controlled. In fact, things like ‘kiki’ challenge tend to deliberately erode the seriousness associated with the word ‘challenge’ itself. Let us wait and watch how the things unfold in the coming days and if anymore such awkward challenges will surface on internet with their blind list of followers. However, the moot point is that laws of the land must be respected, followed and adhered to without any kind of clever manipulation of the internet by resorting to ‘mentally-challenged’ challenges. Rest in Peace.