A New Asian Web Series Talent Show Finals in Glasgow


It is expected to be the most innovative and exciting showbiz sensations in the world of Web history. Created by Dreams United Events, it is a Web Series Talent Show that focuses on the artistic talents of the people of the South Asian Community in the UK.

 by . Arguably, it is one of the biggest cultural innovations in the Asian entertainment world of the Internet. The Series is launched to determine the best undiscovered Asian talent in the world of Entertainment. The central idea of this Web Series revolves around finding talented people- both young and the old- who otherwise find it difficult to find a platform for their talents in all aspects Art, be it Music Composition, Singing, Dancing, Instrument learning and more.

The Series is expected to create a mass appeal that will help the participants to showcase their talents in their own comfort zone and in their own chosen time. At the same time, participants share videos of their performances in various entertainment areas. They can also practice the assignments given by the Judges on talent shows.

The vital focus of this new, creative Web Series is to place ordinary people in extraordinary situations in the Entertainment arena- thus giving them an opportunity to reach out to a variety of audiences from the South Asian Community. Both- the artists and the audiences- can experience a beautiful world unfolding on the web.

As told by Swetha Ala, founder & director of Dreams United Events and the crown winner of Mrs Eurasia International Friendship 2018. ‘After winning the crown, I have decided to do something useful and good for the community. DUE is a UK based company organizing events to support and encourage all south Asians living abroad. We are organizing a web series talent show (VIJETA) to encourage all talented South Asians to come out of their comfort zone and showcase their talent.

Dreams United Events: Dreams United Events is a UK-based agency specializing in Events. The leading global independent agency was launched in 2014 and focuses on shaping the finest brands through unique storytelling, exciting projects, and creative events. The team is comprised of a group of leading experts and professionals from many fields who share a common love for Asian culture and promoting the best in the Asian community. Our talented individuals provide top-level communications and event services to build and promote new and established brands. We work with a diverse clientele including celebrities, charity organizations and fashion & beauty among others. Through our dedication and results-driven attitude, we are proud to be associated with the well-named national and local brands.

The Show has onboard B4U tv channel as the TV partner. As the show is based in Glasgow, the most popular Asian radio station AWAZ FM is onboard as the radio partner for the show. We have Trident communications as or PR & Media company on board. At Trident communications we are passionate about shaping future attitudes. We are engaging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, always seeking new ideas and looking for innovative ways to deliver real value. A strong team focus has shaped Trident communications into an inclusive, open organization that recognizes the contribution of every member and the importance of developing partnerships to enhance the experiences of the team. To encourage our confidence, we’ve people supporting us like British Youth IT College and Super Math & English Institute as our sponsors.


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