Dhamija Pins Hopes on Lib Dem Revival

Dinesh Dhamija cover

Mr Dinesh Dhamija is one of the most-prominent British Indians. Mr Dhamija is contesting in the forthcoming elections to European Parliament on a Liberal Democrat ticket. “Vote Lib Dem, Stop Brexit” is the tag line of his campaign. The Australia born global citizen of Indian-origin meets Asian Lite’s Taha Coburn-Kutay during the campaign

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Dinesh Dhamija

TAHA:  Lib Dems are struggling to regain their old glory.  Why should the electorate trust them again?

DHAMIJA: We are confident of doing well in the Euro elections on the 23rd May, on the back of stellar results in the Local elections. In the local polls, we gained 533 seats, while the Conservatives had lost 910 and Labour 110. This tells you the Lib Dems can do well in the elections.

TAHA: How confident are you to win this election?

DHAMIJA: If the opinion polls are correct today, and remain the same way in three weeks, I should be elected. But the spoilers are Farage’s Brexit party, and Change UK.

TAHA: Lib Dems are consistently calling to Remain in the EU. But the majority voted for Brexit. Why don’t you accept the referendum result?

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Dinesh Dhamija with Lib Dem leader Vince Cable

DHAMIJA: We, the LibDems, cannot accept the Referendum result, because the referendum was advisory. All the information that has come out of the Treasury, shows that any form of Brexit, will make the country poorer. A fact: The Leave campaign were convicted for spending 10% more than allowed, and won by 2%. When you, for example, want to buy a house, you agree to buy it, subject to a survey. This survey shows a hole under the house, and the house could at any time disappear. I am not the type, who will say, I decided to buy the house, so I will just go ahead.

TAHA: What are you offering to the electorate to select you?

DHAMIJA:  My Offering to the electorate is the following: I would like a People’s vote, on the deal Mrs May has decided, or Remain.

I would like to try and Reform the EU: I will give you three reasons.

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Dinesh Dhamija during the campaign

Why two parliaments in Brussels and Strasbourg? Implement an Energy grid, for the whole of Europe/UK, so that we are not dependant on Russian Gas. All EU bureaucrats must pay taxes. I will also show my constituents, what has Europe done for us: I will give you four reasons. Phone roaming charges removed; Cheaper Air Travel within Europe;  Equal Pay legislation;  and a market for our businesses of 512 million people vs 65 million people.

TAHA: You fought against your party over the ethnic card.  Do you still believe in positive discrimination for BAME candidates?

DHAMIJA: There should be positive discrimination for BAME candidates, because our numbers in the country should be proportionally represented in all Parliaments.

TAHA: What’s your proudest moment in your public life?  

DHAMIJA: My proudest moment, in Public Life, was when I ran a Public company on the London Stock Exchange, ebookers.com

TAHA: You are a successful entrepreneur. What is your message to the new gen?

DHAMIJA: My entrepreneurial message for the young generation is, to tell them that four out of five start-ups fail. They need to work very hard. They need to get lucky! If you do all this, you will become a millionaire 20% of the time.

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