#BoysLockerRoom leaves Bollywood shocked

Social Media Addiction.
Social Media Addiction.

Leaked screenshots of a private Instagram chat group comprising some teenage school students from the Capital has stirred up a storm over rape culture in India. Many of these boys were allegedly seen sharing photos of underage girls, objectifying them, and planning “gang rapes”.

“This a multi-faceted problem. Because everyone is still squeamish about sex education in our populous/moralistic country, teenagers are confusing porn for sex education! And now data is free. How dangerous! This will explode in our faces in the next five years sadly, I reckon,” tweeted Richa Chadha.

Swara Bhasker expressed: “#boyslockerroom a telling tale of how toxic masculinity starts young! Underage boys gleefully planning how to rape & gangrape minor girls. Parents & teachers must address this with those Kids.. Not enough to ‘hang rapists’.. we must attack the mentality that creates rapists!”

Delhi Police probing 'Boys Locker Room' controversy. by .
Delhi Police probing ‘Boys Locker Room’ controversy.

Chandan Roy Sanyal shared: “15 year old School Boys from distinguished delhi schools talk about raping the girls in their own class. Shocked to the core !!”

Meanwhile, the Cyber Cell of Delhi Police have detained a 15-year-old student of a prominent school in South Delhi in connection with the Instagram chat group where rapes were glorified and photos of underage girls were being shared and objectified. Twenty two other boys have also have been identified.