Sunny Leone finishes ‘lockdown piece of art’

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 by . The coronavirus lockdown has brought out the inner chef and hairstylists in many. Thanks to the quarantine time, fans of Sunny got to see her love for painting.

Flaunting her creation on social media, she wrote: “Finally done my lockdown piece of art. Have taken 40 days. It’s called ‘broken glass’ sort of like our lives at the moment. Everything might feel shattered, but every piece is meant to be next to each other to be made whole again.

Sunny Leone finishes 'lockdown piece of art'. by .
Sunny Leone finishes ‘lockdown piece of art’.

“So if we can work together we also will feel whole again and come back together. Love you all.”

Her three kids have also been keeping her tied up.

Just a few hours ago, she had posted a video with Nisha in which the mother and daughter were seen smiling. Their beauty was enhanced with the rose tiara filter.

“Nisha is so so pretty!! I’m a lucky mommy! With the sweetest heart!!!” Sunny had captioned the video.

Sunny and her husband Daniel Weber had adopted Nisha in 2017.