Chasing the Snow Leopards By Manan Parekh on June 7


 by . Manan Parekh is a stockbroker by day but a safari architect by heart. Falling in love with the big cat when he was just a child, he turned his passion into a part profession, by designing Wildlife, Nature Safaris and Photographic Expeditions. With a focus on luxury experiences, Manan re-defines the concept of customized,  “Luxury to me is not just comfort of the location, nor the elegance of the accommodation, but it is the deep insights shared by those  who design your experiences, like the naturalist, your private concierge and your safari architect.

To ensure this for his client, he partnered with Shailee Parekh to create Jungle Calling, a bespoke company that connects wildlife and nature lovers to the core of the jungle’s heartbeat. As a safari architect, this takes shape through privately chartered and personally hosted travel experiences to the most exotic destinations, curating unrivaled game-viewing, capturing once-a-lifetime photographs of some of the rarest wildlife and bird species.

Between this husband and wife team, they combined their industry expertise, to ensure the peace of mind, comfort, and enrichment of traveller’s senses. Our team shares spaces with Manan as he is working on a recce trip, one of his most challenging trips, chasing the elusive snow leopard. Filming this trip to get tips and tricks for our readers on how to meticulously plan such an expedition, we are also hosting our very 1st immersive, travel webinar sessions which will visually take you on a Snow Leopard Experience in the High Himalayas. Then you can interact and ask Manan your questions. Hosted in partnership with Asian Lite and The Unknown Planet

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