Yoga – The Primary Source of Energy for the Human Mind

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A collective session
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A collective session

Tell us about your background.

I have been living in London for over a decade. I basically have an engineering & management background and primarily work as an IT consultant. I also work as a music producer/singer & am a practitioner of Sahaj Yoga (Kundalini Meditation). I run free collective meditation meets in London to help people experience self-realisation and spirituality. It is also my passion to read about Hindu Scriptures and gain a good knowledge of Vedic Practices.

How did you take to yoga/meditation route?

Since childhood I was inclined towards Vedic Sciences & Spirituality, thanks to my grandfather and father who were heavily into Bhakti Yog. My father has been instrumental in this journey. I always saw him exploring the various forms of Yoga/meditations. He encouraged me too to explore and pursue my interests. I started with transcendental meditation and different Yogas and eventually got introduced to Sahaj Yoga (Kundalini Meditation). I was amazed by its concept of vibrations and the actual technique of reaching a higher state of consciousness. I enjoyed practicing it and gradually went deeper into it. I started passing this knowledge and benefits to other people who are true seekers. And, being into devotional music myself it connected me to the musical aspects of this Yoga.

Tell us about your engagement with music production.

Music came naturally to me from my mother who is a classical vocalist. My journey with music started at the age of 4. That slowly developed a keen interest in music production & sound engineering. So, while my studies were progressing, I kept enhancing my skills too. I produced an international album and have collaborated with many renowned artists over my career. Producing music & writing devotional songs is what gives me utmost joy and I feel that it is my journey of connecting with the divine.

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What are your personal experiences and improvements after you have taken to Sahaj Yoga?

Sahaj Yoga is an amazing practice that opens the mind & heart in ways unknown. Due to its power to initiate the 7 chakras (energy centres) in our body, it establishes a connection with the divine with the opening of the Sahasrara Chakra and the rising of the primordial (Kundalini) energy. Once this happens, one starts to see changes in life. One starts living life in the present instead of past or future thoughts (which is what the common man mostly suffers from). Also, the energy and capacity to take up new tasks and challenges changes. One gradually attains clarity of ideas & thoughts and understands what is right & wrong. There are amazing and proven health benefits of Sahaj Yoga such as reduction of stress, blood sugar levels, blood pressure-related diseases, and stomach or thyroid-related problems.

How do you see the way forward for the yoga discipline globally?

I think the era of Yog resurgence has already started & it is bound to reach more and more people globally as they eventually realise its benefits. Yog means connection with the divine. I believe when these Vedic sciences were being developed by ancient Indians, they wanted to give humans a mechanism to connect with divine both physically and mentally. Hatha Yoga  & Sahaj Yoga are two aspects of the same principle. Now we have started to realise its importance. In this modern era, there is a dire need to overcome stress and materialism. It is taking us away from our connection with the divine and deteriorating mental and physical health with new diseases appearing every day. As the world is moving more & more towards automation & materialistic values, the need for Yoga is even more to create that balance in life. I see Yoga and its various forms becoming the primary source of energy and motivation for the human mind and also keeping us away from mental issues like depression. The more people adopt these sciences worldwide, the more we will witness our lifestyle-related problems slowly fading away. Whatever we are and whatever we do, the good or bad, all starts with the mind and Yog is a connection of the human mind & body with the divine to keep one healthy and positive.