Lockdown London As Cases Spiral; MP Floor Test; Noose For Nirbhaya Killers Tomorrow – Asian Lite Daily Digital


Lockdown London As Cases Spiral: Mayor Sadiq Khan Appeals to Londoners; Trump, the War Time President, Invokes Emergency Powers

Madhya Pradesh Floor Test on Friday – Set back to Congress as SC orders Floor test to be conducted on Friday before 5pm.

Noose For Nirbhaya Killers Tomorrow: With the final plea seeking stay on the execution of the convicts has been rejected by the Court, the moment for which the entire country was waiting with bated breath will happen on Friday and justice will finally be imparted to the victim ‘Nirbhaya’, also dubbed as “India’s daughter”.

All in Asian Lite UK Daily Digital on Thursday, Mar 19, 2020 – please click here to read the full edition – https://bit.ly/3b7jKe0


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