Sky is the limit for little Maths Wiz – Neev Lukhi

Neev Lukhi

Kids have many dreams. Maths has always been my favourite subject; hence it was more of a hobby and I dreamt of doing something big in Maths. Chess is another such hobby cum dream. I have travelled places for playing chess tournaments and won loads of trophies. I love playing and watching cricket. Going out cycling with family and friends is what I cherish a lot too.

My name, Neev, means foundation. I believe, to do something better and big (in Maths), your foundation should be very strong. Yes, Abacus can help you achieve a solid base.

My journey with Abacus started 2 years back. I started doing Maths on my fingers using the Abacus technique, progressed to using the Abacus tool and then doing all Maths sums mentally visualizing an Abacus tool. Within 2 years, I was able to complete all my levels in Abacus.

There is a lot of practice taken by Rashmi Mantri and whole Abacus team. Their teaching technique is awesome. They make sure each and every kid attain a certain level of proficiency before moving to the next level. At times I was stuck at a particular level for many weeks. It was frustrating and I almost thought of quitting. My teachers encouraged me and gave more guidance. I realized it was for a purpose to master that level and I continued my journey ahead.

Mental Abacus has helped me with improved focus and concentration. Mental theory enhances visualization skills. Mental Abacus is nothing short of any brain exercise. This helps with confidence building and positive attitude.

Here’s hoping that my Maths journey continues with the upward trajectory that Abacus has given me a kick-start with.

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