Global Women Leaders Discuss New Strategies


The 24th Global Women Leaders Conference discussed strategies to empower women to hold international positions, competitiveness among women in the private sector, the media and politics, as well as entrepreneurship and their participation in SMEs.

 by . The conference is one of the largest international conferences for women leaders in the region that is attended by leaders, decision makers, and CEOs and entrepreneurs from government, private, media, social, regional and international organisations.

The two-day global women leaders’ event, which is held annually on International Women’s Day, has become a global platform that links women from all sectors, making it an important gathering of global women leaders and entrepreneurs from different countries, states, provinces, cities and regions. This includes the government, business, media, social communities, women’s associations, global official institutions and NGOs, and aims to highlight the achievements of women globally.

The conference discusses and highlights international strategies on how to empower women to lead the corporate, business sector and government, and explores the dimensions of leadership and knowledge that support women and enables them to hold international positions. The conference will also review the experience of leaders in international positions and business.

The event is an important opportunity for global women leaders to promote the exchange of best practices, knowledge on leadership, management and women’s empowerment, in order to support the opening of new horizons for women empowerment.

Day one of the conference came to a close with the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute recognising and honouring the notable achievements of global women leaders with the 21st Middle East Women Leaders Excellence Awards, in recognition of the achievements of women leaders who have played a distinct role in regional and global development. It also highlighted the achievements of women leaders with regard to excellence and creativity to serve as role models for the next generation and a catalyst for development and progress, in the presence of regional and global personalities.



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