10-yr-old cooks 80 items in one hour to win title


10-year-old Tiya Rajesh Nair has cooked 80 items in one hour to win a unique title in cooking and displaying maximum food items in an hour by a child, reports Rahul Laud

Born in  2010, 10-year-old Tiya Nair, a resident of  Bengaluru, Karnataka, India has bagged a unique title  ‘MAXIMUM FOOD ITEMS PREPARED IN ONE HOUR BY A CHILD’.  

This attempt is all about making, cooking and displaying maximum food items in an hour by a child. This attempt falls under the category ‘Young Achievers’ in Asia Book of Records.  For the attempt to be successful in the Asia Book of Records, the minimum criterion required is to create and display at least 80 food items in one hour.

Rajesh Nair , Tiya’s father explains that the list of items (with sub items) which were  to be finally made and displayed were required to  be submitted along with ingredients. During the attempt, any other person was not allowed helping the claimant in cooking. More or less, the boiling, cutting, chopping, grinding etc. of ingredients was allowed to be done before the attempt.

Rajesh further pointed out that the display of dishes must be labelled with the number and name of the dish, so that the count will be easy.   The HD pictures and videos of entire attempt had to  be submitted after the successful completion.  The claimant must wear the badge of Asia Book of Records which will be provided on the event day.

The  Adjudicator was  Harish R.