Unique visions of dystopia in the digital space


All works in this exhibition both digital editions and their physical counterparts, are registered NFTs…writes Siddhi Jain.

Art has an extraordinary power to communicate with people and their emotions. Terrain. Art, a block chain powered art ecosystem, is presenting an NFT exhibition titled ‘Dreams.exe’ featuring works by emerging digital artists from India. Curated through an open call, this exhibition invited artists to respond with their unique visions of dystopia in the digital space.

According to the platform, it marks a new milestone in its “commitment to developing a Digital Marketplace, as a supportive ecosystem that focuses on art from South Asia, and encourages new vocabularies of digital art”. Terrain.art’s Digital Marketplace is a growing community of artists who are experimenting with and invigorating the digital space, alongside additional programming and educational initiatives.

Dreams.exe brings together artists grappling with a reality that seems to be in constant flux. They formulate visual and conceptual explorations using the digital as a means of interruption and intervention, while challenging existing hierarchies under the new technocratic global order. At a time of grave uncertainty — existential, environmental, social, and political — the artists of this exhibition brace us with a prelude of thousand dystopias to come.

All works in this exhibition both digital editions and their physical counterparts, are registered NFTs. The newly emerging NFT space in India encourages transgression of traditional boundaries in art, reflected in the ways of thinking and making considered by the artists of Dreams.exe.

Aparajita Jain, Director and Founder of Terrain.art says, “We are excited to open up the Terrain.art platform to young, emerging artists who are taking steps into the digital world. The possibilities are exciting, and we look forward to energizing the space with immersive conversations.”

Artists featured in the exhibition include, Aditi Aggarwal, Aiman Verma, Anisha Baid, Annette Jacob, Joe Paul Cyriac, Moksha Kumar, Pranay Dutta, Prerit Jain, Sayak Shome, Subhojyoti Sen Sarma, Sudhir Ambasana, Sultana Zana, and Yasha Shrivastava.

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