Makkah shops see increase in demand for souvenirs


Shops in Makkah are seeing an increase in demand for souvenirs and gifts as pilgrims prepare to return home after performing Hajj, the Arab News reported…reports Asian Lite News

Pilgrims are shopping for rosaries of different sizes and colours, prayer mats with various patterns on them, and copies of the Qur’an at shops near the Grand Mosque.

Other popular items include pictures of the two holy mosques, Islamic books, perfume, incense, scarves, sweets, and Zamzam water which is considered as the most precious gift from the holy sites.

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Pilgrims also buy different types of dates, such as Ajwa dates from Madinah and Sukkary dates, and the customary decorative Zamzam water serving set most Muslim households have that are inscribed with Qur’anic verses, it was reported.

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