Over 98K pilgrims benefit from Makkah Route Initiative


The initiative was implemented in the airports of Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Morocco and Bangladesh…reports Asian Lite News

As many as 98,816 pilgrims have benefited from Makkah Route Initiative which was launched by the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia this year to enable pilgrims in five countries end their immigration, cargo and travel procedures to the holy sites before they depart for the Kingdom.

The service, emanating from the Kingdom’s vision 2030, was done through 274 flights from their countries to Jeddah King Abdulaziz international airport and Madina Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz international airport.

They were coming from 58 stations of their countries with an average of finalizing the procedures of each passenger in one minute and 48 seconds.

The initiative was implemented in the airports of Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Morocco and Bangladesh.

Special Saudi teams were sent to each of those destinations to assist local staff finalize the procedures.

Meanwhile, as many as 40387 pilgrims have arrived in Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah, Prophet Mohammed’s city, after having performed Hajj ritual in Makkah and the sacred shrines this year with ease and safety, official statistics said.

According of official figures, 918 have used Al-Haramain express to reach Islam’s second holiest city and 2562 were received at land pilgrims center. As of pilgrims still enjoying their visit to the Prophet until yesterday, the statistics said they amount to 37524 from different nationalities.

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Meanwhile, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has produced a new 12-video documentary film, narrating the journey of pilgrimage to the holy shrines in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it was reported here today.

The journey also details the pillars and conditions of Hajj, including arrival to departure procedures required by each pilgrim to perform, starting with the putting-on the Ihram white dress, greeting Tawaf, shuttle between Safa and Marwa mounts, ascending Tarweya day in Mina valley, one-day stay in Arafat valley, the night and Eid day in Muzdalefa, three-to-two day stay in Mina valley, slaughtering the sacrifice, Jamarat stone-throwing, Ifadha (main) Tawaf, prayer at Ibrahim shrine, putting-off the Ihram dress, farewell Tawaf and visit to Prophet’s mosque in Madinah and other.

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