North Korea to skip Beijing Winter Olympics


2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing will be held from February 4-20. The massive security deployment and checks are being carried out by China soon before the Beijing Winter Olympics….reports Asian Lite News

North Korea will not take part in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics over the activities of “hostile forces” and the COVID-19 pandemic, Russian news agency reported citing North Korean media on Friday.

“We could not take part in the Olympics due to the hostile forces’ moves and the worldwide pandemic, but we would fully support the Chinese comrades in all their work to hold splendid and wonderful Olympic festival,” Sputnik reported citing KCNA news agency.

The KCNA has cited a letter from the North Korean Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports to the Chinese Olympic Committee.

The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing will be held from February 4-20. The massive security deployment and checks are being carried out by China soon before the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Meanwhile, in an effort to conduct Winter Olympics next month hassle-free, China is adamant about implementing a Zero-COVID policy, further complicating problems for its citizens.

China had welcomed the year 2022 with the worst tally of COVID-19 cases for any seven-day period since subduing the country’s first epidemic nearly two years ago.

The worst situation is said to be found in Xi’an town and since December, it is in the grip of a COVID-19 wave, according to Hong Kong Post.

For over two weeks now, Xi’an’s 13 million residents are confined to their homes.

Only one person per household is allowed to leave home every two days to buy essential goods. Nobody can leave the city whatever the circumstances. The process of seeking permission is cumbersome, according to Hong Kong Post. (ANI)

The US, the UK, Australia, Canada and Lithuania have announced the diplomatic boycott of games.

Protests across Europe

Demonstrations were held in several cities in Europe against China hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics. The protesters demanded a boycott of the upcoming event as Beijing is committing atrocities against Muslim minorities in Xinjiang province.

Belgium Uyghur Association along with groups of Tibet and Hong Kong protested against the Beijing Winter Olympics in front of the European Union office and also took out a protest march to the Chinese embassy in Brussels.

Small demonstrations also took place in Antwerp, Brisbane, Berlin, Lucerne, and London – among others – on what has been called a “day of action” by campaigners.

“Our protest today together with groups of Tibet & Hongkong in front of EU commission and 5 km march to Embassy of China in Brussels while a debate was going on regarding the #Beijing2022 in Brussels Press Club attended by @stoop_k from @UyghurCongress & @EU_today,” tweeted Belgium Uyghur Association.

Earlier, the Local Uyghur community in Belgium’s Antwerp city protested against Beijing’s action against Uyghurs in China’s Xinjiang province and appealed to European countries to boycott the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics.

Led by local leaders of the Uyghur community in Antwerp, the protestors raised slogans against China and demanded that all atrocities against the Uygur community be stopped by Chinese authorities.

Further, they appealed to all European countries to boycott Winter Olympics to be held in Beijing.

Beijing Winter Olympics is scheduled in February and the US and many other countries have started boycotting the event and the calls for its boycott are growing louder. (ANI)

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