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Focus Master is the ultimate guide to improving concentration and achieving your goals. This audiobook explains the importance of increasing your focus to improve your productivity and a better understanding of information…reports Asian Lite News

Are you having trouble sleeping because of the upcoming exams and worrying about failing Math or just barely passing Science?

As examination season approaches, it brings along stress and unwarranted fears in every student’s mind. This time can be particularly challenging for students, as it brings along overwhelming anxiety and pressure to perform well.

These stress levels can interfere with one’s focus and health, ultimately affecting their academic performance. However, acing exams requires a balanced mix of discipline, time management, a positive mindset, and physical and mental well-being. To assist with this, listen to this curated list of self-help and motivational audiobooks and podcasts on Audible to understand more about overcoming challenges, developing a positive mindset, and building resilience.

Exam Study Expert: Ace your Exams with the Science of Learning, written by William Wadsworth

Hard work alone does not suffice in achieving goals, here is when smart work comes into the picture. Study effectively to get the grades of your dreams with top-notch winning review strategies, killer memory techniques, and the best nerd tricks to ace your exams. Written and narrated by William Wadsworth, this audiobook is drawn from personal experiences and knowledge. Listen to this on Audible to learn about the secrets of achieving academic success as William and his special guests in this podcast share their personal experiences!

Focus Master, written by Myles Holland and narrated by Shafi

Focus Master is the ultimate guide to improving concentration and achieving your goals. This audiobook explains the importance of increasing your focus to improve your productivity and a better understanding of information. It offers strategies to help you overcome distractions and improve your focus, including topics like the science of attention and how focus affects habits. Worth a listen if you want to learn the tactics you need to master deep focus and achieve your goals!

Time Management (Hindi Edition), written by Sudhir Dixit and narrated by: Rahul Jaisawat

What better way to plan for your exams than by setting stringent preparation and revision deadlines? Discover how to maximise your time by setting priorities, creating useful schedules, and overcoming procrastination. You can also learn how to boost your energy level and productivity with good habits, proper food habits, exercise, and sleep. This unique guide to time management details 30 strategies and tactics, along with tested methods to achieve optimal productivity in 24 hours. Tune in to Audible to ace the skill of time management and power your way to success!

Do Epic Shit, written and narrated by Ankur Warikoo

Tune in to Audible to listen to ideas curated by Ankur Warikoo in his audiobook, encapsulating his deep, honest, witty, and brutal thoughts on success, failure, money, self-awareness, and personal relationships. The audiobook covers a gamut of topics ranging from important habits to creating long-term success, foundations of money management, embracing failure, and learning empathy. An audiobook that merits more than one listens, its content will ensure that you think about it again and again and pass it on to friends and family!

Think Like a Monk, written and narrated by Jay Shetty

Inspired by his experience as a Vedic monk, Jay Shetty demonstrates ways to clear roadblocks to realise our complete potential. Derived from ancient wisdom and personal encounters at the ashram. Think Like a Monk reveals how to overcome negative thoughts and habits, and access the calm and purpose that lie within all of us. Listen to this inspiring audiobook on Audible as Jay transforms his learning into exercises that we can all apply to reduce stress, improve focus, and our relationships, identify our hidden abilities, increase self-discipline, and more.

Vivekananda, written by Pranay and narrated by Ashish Bhandari

Vivekananda was the spiritual stalwart who spread the ancient knowledge of Hinduism across the world. This audiobook is a compilation of various conversations, talks, writings, and life occurrences offering insight into some of the secrets to human excellence. It also explores the timeless values for leadership and success that he stood for and presents them as insightful principles that are relevant not just today, but for the future of mankind.

Self-Discipline, written and narrated by Steve Martin

Feel the need to steer clear of bad habits and attain absolute control of your life? Self-discipline is the key to a successful, fulfilled, and energised life. Self-discipline expert and coach – Steve Martin in his illuminating audiobook enlists steps to master self-discipline, strengthen willpower and boost productivity. What is even more interesting is that this audiobook has practical self-discipline tips from Spartans and Navy SEALs tips. Tune in to Audible now to develop a success-oriented mindset and live with purpose with the help of this audiobook!

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