+91’s the World’s Top 50 Innovators from the Industries of the Future Series in London, was an attempt to go some way towards throwing together so many experts in different disciplines and allowing cross fertilisation of ideas.BY Asian Lite News

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We are extremely fortunate to be living today as mankind grapples with and makes real progress on many of the world’s biggest challenges which, when overcome, will transform man’s experiences in a way not seen since the first Industrial Revolution.  We seem to have arrived at a sweet spot when advances in disparate fields of endeavour appear to be constructively converging for the potential benefit of all disciplines – witness the staggering improvements in computing and machine learning, revolutions in energy capture and breath-taking advances in the biosciences, to name but a few.  These, together with the near universal connectedness which the internet provides, have given us an amazing opportunity to truly change people’s lives like never before.

How mankind responds to these opportunities will determine if we head towards a Utopia or a Dystopia. Let’s hope that we apply our collective wisdom and humanity to direct ourselves to the former and not the latter.

What is immediately apparent is that progress requires a cumulative process where successive generations really do stand on the shoulders of their ‘giant’ predecessors, allowing them in turn to look into and reach for the future.  It just seems that in recent times, this process has been accelerating to a giddying degree.  It feels necessary therefore, to stop for an instant, take stock of where we are, fine tune our destination before once more forging ahead. The World’s Top 50 Innovators from the Industries of the Future Series in London, was an attempt to go some way towards throwing together so many experts in different disciplines and allowing cross fertilisation of ideas.

The event was structured using the Codex Talks format of a 15 minute talk, where the speaker attempts to answer a provocative question and ends by making a bold prediction for their field.

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In putting this event together, Codex trawled several continents to find a stellar line up of speakers who are truly breaking new ground and working at the cutting edge of technological developments in the following fields: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics; Genomics and Digital Health; Cyber Security; Big Data and Analytics; 3D Printing; New Energy Technologies; Blockchain Technologies; Augmented & Virtual Reality and Space Technologies. (Visit to view all videos of Codex Talks.)

The conference was kicked off by Michael Cervenka, Head of Future Technologies, at Rolls-Royce, speaking about how artificial intelligence will transform manufacturing, followed by Amir Khosrowshahi, Chief Technology Officer, Artificial Intelligence at Intel. Amir’s Codex Talk focused on the future of computing, and how computers will begin to mimic more closely the function of the human brain in terms of learning and drawing inferences from data. In the future, instead of giving machines orders, we will give machines problems, and the machines will learn to solve the problems by themselves.

During the Genomics and Digital Health session, Dr. B. Dusty Majumdar, CMO and VP, IBM Watson Health, spoke of the revolution in cancer genomics due to the cost of genomic sequencing being dramatically reduced, and how IBM Watson could help in bending the cost curve of interpretation of sequencing results. Both these drivers are ushering in the era of personalised medicine with drugs being specifically targeted at the genomic pathway of cancers dramatically improving outcomes.

One of the most eagerly anticipated Codex Talks was by Dr. Douglas Terrier, Chief Technologist, NASA. Dr. Terrier predicted the emergence of a multi-trillion dollar space economy offering tremendous opportunities for private companies. Dr. Terrier said: “The upcoming generation will be the first to know humanity as a multi-planetary species. They will be the first to live and work among intelligent machines. And with a little luck they will be the first generation to have definitive evidence of life on other worlds.”

Naveen Jain, Executive Chairman, Moon Express gave a thoughtful and hilarious presentation of how private companies like Moon Express are using exponential technologies to drive down the costs of space exploration. In the next few months, Moon Express will be the first private company to land a robotic mission on the Moon. Naveen Jain’s bold prediction for the future was: Forget the honeymoon… Take your honey to the moon instead..!








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