ipl cheer leadersBY BIKRAM VOHRA

Ah, my favourite hobby horse. Can’t help but take one more ride on it.

The hideous hypocrisy of having only white women doing that silly jump up and down stuff at the IPL cricket venues ad nauseum is a testament to our double standards. See, we are so chaste, so pious, so steeped in fuzzy values, we don’t titillate. We get foreigners to do it for us. So, it’s fine to ogle and rubberneck and make remarks about these ladies physical attributes because that is well within our value system. It is not as is they are Indian savitris, these are them, that other lot, that’s okay. Our sisters are safe and spiritual, they don’t wear skirts and bounce around, ergo our traditional values are untainted.

After all, it isn’t in our culture so we have to outsource our eye candy.

Think of it. These clowns sat at a meeting of the IPL and actually must have discussed the matter, dirty old men or not, sitting there sipping mineral water saying, get angrez types bhai, then no problem, no Indians, not our culture, what. Item 7 in the minutes of the meeting: Get dancing girls from the west. Only white, please. Open for discussion. Any observations?

Yes, you make me sick.

Did they have a frigging debate, did they have dissension, did they have to take a vote, was it bloody unanimous? Did they snigger and smirk, did no one say, why can’t we have our own girls?

This is racism of the worst kind. The pretence of being sexually sainted drives me nuts. You think 1.2 billion of us came upon this earth by osmosis?

You ask me I don’t find the dance routine the least bit interesting. There is no talent on display only women dispiritedly leaping about out of synch. Is there any man out there who actually feels this is an added attraction? Really? I mean, really? Does anybody find it riveting, do you get all goosepimply when they come on screen. They are an intrusion.

To the absurd is added the rider: no Indians please, we are culturally superior, our girls are good girls with halos on their heads.



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