You can legislate till you are blue in the face but some men are louts. They will misbehave. Look at these two clowns. Typical Delhi. They think they are smart, cool, like no one takes them on.

They are the type who grope in the bus, who have to touch women, flipping frustrated creeps.

This is Indian culture, pious and full of crap, these same guys will protest against Valentine’s day and talk about mothers and sisters but they won’t give a lady with a baby standing in a train a seat.

They would not recognize respect if it walked past them.

Firstly, they are not supposed to be sitting where they are sitting. Look at the sign.

Then the sheer rudeness and indifference to their surroundings.

Are they mafia? Possibly. Gangsters. Likely. Have cop connections. Most probably. Why will no one interfere.

Because who wants to get beaten up and if the cops come (if they come at all) they might take the side of the hoods.

This is the new era, where we hope there will be some courtesy. You can recognize their faces. Find them. Punish them. Make a case study… stop someone else from entering a ladies’ section and breaking the rules.

Wouldn’t you just love to smack the smirk off their faces, like whaaaaackkkkk.



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