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Mr Shambhu Gupta, former councillor and a prominent social worker from Harrow, writes an open letter to London Mayor Turned Brexiteer Turned Political Victim Boris Johnson

Dear Boris Johnson,

Asian Lite BorisI am writing this open letter to you via Asian Lite which for 8 years supported you when you were the Mayor of London. Whatever your reasons were to team up with Michael Gove and others to force Prime Minister David Cameron out of office and to demand and get this referendum to get Britain out of Europe, you have succeeded in both your objectives. You have forced Cameron to resign and you have won the referendum by a narrow margin to get Britain out of Europe.

However, your dream of becoming the leader of the Tory party and then Prime Minister has been destroyed by the betrayal and treachery of your campaign manager Michael Gove. He is not loyal to you. When he says that he realised that you are not fit to be a Prime Minister, it makes my blood boil. What does he think of himself?

You are what you are. Everyone knows your style and temperament. He must have known you better than many others like me. He had seen your work as a Member of Parliament and as a Mayor for 8 years. He worked closely with you during this EU Referendum campaign for several months. Not only Michael Gove should not become Prime Minister, he should have no place in the body politic.
You know the whole Brexit campaign was based on lies. NHS is not going to get £350 million extra per week. Scotland is likely to break away from England. Wales will not get the money it used to get. Scientific research will not get the funding it used to get from EU. Pound has fallen and is falling. Market is crashing. Governor of Bank of England is doing his best to study the ship, but we can see deep anxiety in his tone.

Everything Remain campaign said is coming true. You will now agree that it was not project fear. In reality situation is going to get really worse as time passes. None of the 5 candidates are suitable to deal with the consequences of Brexit vote.

Boris for mainTheresa May will not have the moral authority as she was with the Remain group during the campaign.
With your support Andrea Leadsom has a chance to win. But can she or Theresa May bring the economic stability and unite the country?

I am sure neither is capable of delivering these objectives. So what is the solution for the mess we are in?

Only you can save the situation from it getting any worst. Over four million people have signed the petition demanding a second referendum.  You can give a purpose and strength to this petition if you were to hold a press conference and honestly state that the whole Brexit campaign was based on lies and gross exaggerations. In one go you can save the country sliding into economic mess, political disunity, global isolation and even emerge as the Saviour of this great country.

Please consider this option. Britain is better with Europe. In any relationship there can be problems but efforts must be made to find solution to those problems rather than dissolve that relationship.



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