What’s keeping Maniesh Paul busy in lockdown?. by .
Maniesh Paul

Maniesh opened up when asked if he fears becoming typecast as a funny guy.

“I don’t believe in the word typecast, whoever wants to typecast can feel free. We are in a democracy, but I do whatever I feel like. So, hosting is there, now this film (‘What If’) is there. I did a film called ‘Black Briefcase’, a complete thriller. I did a film called ‘Mickey Virus’ it was a comic thriller,” Maniesh told IANS.

He added: “This film ‘What If’ is a thriller. So, different genres, different game. I just give my best to whatever comes to me.”

Maniesh, who is known for his wit and humour on screen, was recently seen in “What If”, a short film shot on a phone. The film is co-directed by Kartik Singh and Maniesh himself.



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