Actor Robert Patrick says “there is still a lot for me to do” … reports Asian Lite News.

Scorpion stills by .
Scorpion stills, Actor Robert Patrick (R). (Photo: IANS)

Robert Patrick got his breakout role as the shape-shifting villain T-1000 in James Cameron’s “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” back in 1991. For the actor, the hunger to get better in the craft and attain greater heights is still intact, as he says “there is still a lot for me to do”.

“I am pretty challenged already. I just want to keep pushing myself. I still feel like the greatest role and the best things are ahead of me and I think that is my biggest challenge — to keep my mindset that way,” Patrick told IANS in an interview on the phone from Los Angeles.

“There is still a lot for me to do and a lot of things coming down the road. And I got to keep working hard to get better and better as a human being and as an actor,” the 58-year-old added.

After working as a house painter and a bartender, Patrick entered showbiz in 1986. He took up some acting gigs in “Future Hunters”, “Eye of the Eagle”, “Behind Enemy Lines” and “Die Hard 2”. But he etched a permanent place for himself in the avenue of Hollywood as T-1000 — an act which he reprised for cameo appearances in “Wayne’s World” and “Last Action Hero”.

The actor followed up his act by taking up roles of bad guys, tough guys and military guys. He has diverse projects like “Double Dragon”, “Striptease”, “Cop Land”, “Fire in the Sky”, “Spy Kids”, “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle”, “We Are Marshall” and “Safe House” in his filmography.

He has charmed the small screen audience as well with projects like “The Sopranos, “The X-Files”, “The Unit” and “Scorpion” — which will premiere in India on Saturday on AXN.

Reflecting on his journey in showbiz, the actor says he remembers his days of struggle, and is glad that he got a chance to follow his passion.

“Life is a journey for everybody and everybody has their challenges and everybody gets (their share of) ups and downs in life — that is life. Sometimes you have to go through great struggles to get to the other side and then you hit the highest high and you got to remember that.

“My journey to becoming an actor is my story, everybody has theirs. I just feel so fortunate that I am able to do something that I love to do. And that is something I can hope for everybody,” he said. “I am very blessed and happy that I have this opportunity,” said the actor, referring to his role as Agent Cabe Gallo in “Scorpion”.

“Scorpion” — running in its fourth season internationally — brings together a group of geniuses who work together to stop high-tech crimes around the world. And Gallo is in charge of ‘Team Scorpion’.

“It is always exciting when you feel like you are making something that people enjoy.”



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