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This World Health Day, people have geared up to combat Diabetes, the silent killer . . . . Reports Subhadrika Sen

The old proverb ‘Health is Wealth’ stands true till this date. If one’s health fails to give support, then nothing seems to fall at the right place. Health is one of the most important aspects of mankind; however, it is also the most neglected one. With the advent of junk food chains the youth have given up on home-made food. Their addiction to fried, crispy and grilled junks has led to considerable rise in obesity. Many people work in the corporate sector, their stress and tensions lead to various physical and psychological problems. Thus, the World Health Day is celebrated each year on the 7th of April, to come together and fight against these diseases; and to discover solutions to certain world health issues.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) for this year has kept the theme of diabetes. The level of diabetes is slowly increasing in the society and affecting the young and the old. The number of juvenile diabetics has also increased since the past decade. Thus, it is time for the world to come together and adopt different patterns of lifestyle and food consumption so that diabetes can be combated.

Brazil is one such country which has a high percentage of diabetic citizens. WHO hence takes special interest in Brazil and helps in making people aware of this disease. This is done so as to prevent further spread of Diabetes and to keep those who already have it in control of their food and lifestyle patterns.

South-East Asia, including India, has the world’s highest diabetic population. There are several reasons for this. Primarily, because of the uncontrolled food that the youth consume. Today’s youth goes by the taste and not by the nutrition. That is why they are inclined towards consuming food with extra sugar, salt and fatty acids. Such a food habit coupled with little or no physical activity is the primordial reason for the development of diabetes. From the outside it seems that a dose of insulin and regular check-ups and blood tests are enough to live to diabetes, but this disease has more to it than meets the eyes. Diabetes is often considered as a silent killer by medical experts. It slowly spreads to all the organs of the body and can even cause blindness if not treated at the right time. Thus, the WHO suggests that the Governments take special care in regulating the food habits of its citizens. For instance, regulating the marketing of food distributed to the children and even proper labelling so that one would find it easier to choose what to consume and what not to consume. If the youth develops a proper food pattern then diabetes can, in most cases, be prevented for the good.

Indian Defence Personnels on a rally Marking World Health Day
Indian Defence Personnels on a rally Marking World Health Day

To mark this occasion and to spread the joy of healthy living, the city of Mangalore, India organised a cycle rally. The Mangalore Cycle Club, Taj Cycle Co. and Elite Event Solution organised the 5km cycle rally. A turnover of a thousand people is expected. There would be additional music bands and dancers performing at the start and end points to cheer up the members taking part in the rally. Additionally, celebrities have also been roped in to make an impact of this day on the people. There would be refreshments provided to each of the participants as well as medical help would be at hand. Along with a cycle rally, Indian defence personnels would be participating in a World Health Day march.


New Zealand would be one of the very first countries to usher in the World Health Day. Thus, the Diabetes New Zealand is hosting a dawn group photograph on the summit of One Tree Hill Domain. This group photo would be in support of this year’s theme Diabetes and the sheer number of people who are expected to join in the event would only portray the awareness of the youth towards the issue and how they support and pledge to change their lifestyles to fight it. They can be found widely over the social media through the hash-tag #Dawn4Diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) one of the premiere organisation for research in diabetes – its treatment and prevention; has organised free health check-ups for the day. They would also be holding a fundraising event where distinguished speakers would be commenting on the methods of tackling the silent killer. The ADA has also sketched diet plans for the general public which they would be discussing. They strongly believe that sticking to a healthy diet plan helps in fighting diabetes. They can be found on the social media too by the hash-tag #StopDiabetes.

Thus, the world is gearing up to fight against diabetes this year. While diabetes is the theme, it is not that the other diseases which haunt the global medical scenario are neglected. The WHO, Government and various organisations worldwide are brainstorming in order to find breakthrough medicines and preventions to other life threatening diseases as well.

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