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Kidman is an incredible parent


1e5a6f294a617aa2fb3acf39a931a7f6Singer Keith Urban says actress and wife Nicole Kidman is an incredible mother.

Urban and Kidman share two children together – Sunday, eight, and Faith, five. And Urban is constantly amazed by how his wife handles being a parent, reports etonline.com.

“She’s an incredible mom. Loving, maternal, and she’s teaching me a lot about how to raise children, especially girls. I have no reference for girls. I grew up in a house of boys, so it’s quite the learning curve,” Urban said.

The “Eyes Wide Shut” actress says she constantly gets fashion advice from her two young daughters.

“I would go to the school to pick them up, and they’d be like, ‘Please don’t pick me up in sweatpants or jeans’. They’re like, ‘Can you just get dressed up and do your hair and put on makeup and wear heels?’,” Kidman said.


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