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BBC’s The Millionaires’ Holiday Club

TMHC CREDIT BBC Plum Pictures Ryan McNamara

ITC Luxury Travel Takes Centre-Stage in New TV Programme The Millionaires’ Holiday Club…reports Asian Lite News

TMHC CREDIT BBC Plum Pictures Ryan McNamara
TMHC CREDIT BBC Plum Pictures Ryan McNamara

Chester-based tour operator ITC Luxury Travel is to feature in a two-part documentary series entitled The Millionaires’ Holiday Clubwhich will air on BBC Two on 10th and 17th June at 9pm.

The series delves into the workings of the UK’s largest independent luxury travel company, ITC Luxury Travel Group, showing what goes on behind the scenes to develop and deliver tailor-made holidays for discerning clients visiting some of the most exclusive corners of the globe. Cameras also follow ITC Luxury Travel’s clients on their holidays illustrating both the conspicuous luxuries, such as private planes and personal chefs, to the meticulous measures undertaken by top resorts to welcome guests – from ridding rooms of spiders to ensuring their guests’ favourite music is playing on the stereo upon arrival.

Holidays featured include luxury getaways to Barbados, Jamaica, India and a cruise on board the SeaDream yacht. Viewers will also see that working in the travel industry comes with its own perks as member of ITC’s staff jet off on research trips to the Seychelles and Thailand.

TMHC ITC team CREDIT BBC Plum Pictures Ryan McNamara
TMHC ITC team CREDIT BBC Plum Pictures Ryan McNamara

“This series is a great platform for showing off exotic destinations but it also flies the flag for the travel industry and proves the worth of passionate travel professionals,” comments ITC Luxury Travel Group CEO Jennifer Atkinson. “Viewers will see from this programme exactly who and what it takes to make even the most privileged customer’s jaw drop.” Please see the attached document for a full Q&A with Jennifer Atkinson on participating in The Millionaires’ Holiday Club.

The programme features ITC Luxury Travel’s sales staff as they put together dream trips for clients by researching their individual preferences and then liaise with staff in resort to ensure a holiday that is flawless and peppered with personal touches. The documentary also meets the hospitality staff who play such an essential role in caring for the guests during their stay, including the chambermaids, butlers and chefs for whom no detail is too small.

Four sets of clients agreed to be filmed for the documentary – all were genuine paying customers of ITC Luxury Travel and sister company Western & Oriental (www.westernoriental.com). Jane and Michael take up to 12 luxury holidays per year and are filmed on board their 54th SeaDream cruise; whilst Mervyn and Heather work hard for 51 weeks of the year to earn their one week of complete relaxation at Jamaica Inn. With a romantic proposal looming, Richard and Martyn are hoping for seclusion in a private villa on the Sandy Lane Estate followed by a visit to Mustique; and Peter and Christine take a return journey to their beloved India for some ‘SKIing – Spending the Kids Inheritance’.

Meanwhile, ITC’s staff swap the wintery skies of Chester to visit North Island in the Seychelles, Four Seasons Koh Samui and The Peninsula Bangkok on research trips, giving them a chance to sample how the other half holiday. “These trips are a real perk of working in luxury travel – the personal knowledge they give the team is hugely valuable within their day-to-day work,” says Jennifer Atkinson.