Actor Sridevi displays the creations of Golecha Jewels during the India International Jewellery Week (IIJW) in Mumbai.

Gracing Golecha’s Jewels at the IIJW 2014, Sridevi looked a stunning Indian bride in shades of yellow and gold. Golecha’s Jewels who is known for their bridal collection awed the audience with their piece of work. On day 3 of IIJW 2014, Golecha’s Jewels showcased a mixture of Gold, diamonds and rubies. Diamonds which is considered to be a woman’s best friend engulfed these models who wore each of the creations. Designer of Golecha’s Jewels caught the attention by mesmerizing the audience with nude shades of clothing. Models were seen in shades of cream, dull gold and cream so that the jewels on them will look brighter, just enough to take one’s breath away.

Sridevi, being the showstopper for Golecha’s Jewels looked breath taking. Wearing a heavy layered diamond necklace consisting of three diamond droplets at the pendant, it made her look priceless. Her ears were also shining bright with a gigantic ruby gemstone; we fell in love with instantly. The main thing which made Sridevi stand out elegantly as the showstopper of Golecha’s Jewels is her knee weakening smile.

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