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Indian Chefs To Encourage Healing Recipes

Mohit Bhargava from India and Shamoun Bhatti from Pakistan, chefs at Dubai's seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel

Indian Chefs on a 3 day tour in Kerala to encourage a healthy lifestyle …reports Asian Lite News

A healthy lifestyle is a cure to everything. Kerala will be witnessing a 3 day event which will focus on encouraging a healthy living and recipes which can contribute towards wellness and healing.

A group of Indian chefs will come together at a three-day event in Kerala next month to talk about foods and recipes that can contribute towards good health, wellness and healing.

The retreat, Healing Recipes – Back to Roots, is to be held on July 3-6 at Kairali – The Ayurvedic Healing Village, at Palakkad in Kerala. Here, one will get to interact with Ayurvedic doctors and chefs, attend specially-curated masterclasses, explore local cuisine, learn the trick of growing vegetables and spices organically, and master the art of making gourmet meals that are nourishing and indulging.

A preview for the event was held in the capital on Thursday, with Chef Manjit Singh Gill, Chef Vikas Seth and Gita Ramesh, an Ayurveda expert and Joint Managing Director of Kairali Ayurvedic Group, giving a taste of what to expect from the event. They said people will realise how food can be their biggest investment for happiness and wellness.

Gill said: “Every climate has its own taste… just like there are six seasons, so are the tastes which are very important for every human being to experience. Food is like medicine, it heals the body from within. Hence, it is imperative that we revisit our approach to food, ingredients and cooking techniques.

“Healing Recipes – Back to Roots, for me, is a platform that will help you rethink food.”

While discussing about the daily cooking habits, Gill said salt should never be added to curd as it decreases its nutritional value. And with so much of craze of being healthy using olive oil, he said that people do not know the correct way in which olive oil should be used in cooking. It must be cooked at proper temperature and, if possible, one should consume only half a tablespoon of olive oil daily.

Ramesh, who also has a book titled “Healing Recipes – Back to Roots”, said the event is a conscious effort at promoting food sustainability.

“It talks about how age-old philosophy and culinary practices still hold relevance in modern times and how Ayurveda is directly linked with the healing of various diseases — be it through various Ayurvedic practices, medicines or simply food.”

Madhulika Dash, who is curating the experience, commented: “We have all grown up eating homemade food, but never realised that if cooked in a healthy way with farm fresh ingredients, it will lead to more good effect on health. And as far as Ayurveda is concerned, it enhances the quality of ingredients when combined with food.”


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