Various reports coming out from US shows that former FBI Director James Comey was well aware of the fact that the investigation regarding Hillary Clinton’s email was fake and indeed false….reports Asian Lite News

James Comey was fired by President Donald Trump from his position as FBI director

Comey and other FBI officials were in complete despair in handling the ongoing probe and they were much worried about the Russian intervension into the probe.

Sacked FBI Director James Comey knew that a critical piece of information related to the investigation into former Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s email was fake, but he feared that if it became public it would undermine the probe, sources told CNN.

As a result, Comey acted unilaterally last year to publicly declare the investigation over without consulting then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, while at the same time stating that Clinton had been “extremely careless” in her handling of classified information, the sources said late Friday.

In classified sessions with members of Congress several months ago, Comey described those emails in the Russian claim and expressed his concern that this Russian information could “drop” and that would undermine the Clinton investigation and the Justice Department in general, according to a government official.

The Russian intelligence at issue purported to show that former Attorney General Lynch had been compromised in the Clinton investigation.

The intelligence described emails between then-Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and a political operative suggesting that Lynch would make the FBI investigation of Clinton go away.

In response, sources close to Comey told CNN he felt that it did not matter if the information was accurate, because his big fear was that if the Russians released the information publicly, there would be no way for law enforcement and intelligence officials to discredit it without burning intelligence sources and methods.

Multiple US officials has said that to this day Russia is trying to spread false information in the US in order to “cloud and confuse” ongoing investigations.



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