Bieber pledges to help victims of California wildfires….reports Asian Lite News

Justin Bieber

Singer Justin Bieber has pledged to help out the victims affected by the devastating California wildfires.

Thousands of Southern California residents have lost their homes since the fire began earlier this week.

Bieber, 23, posted a video on Friday night and said he will try his best to raise funds for those affected by the tragedy.

“I’m going to have a conversation with some people and we are going to get moving on a solution. Obviously I’m not a fireman but I can use my resources to figure out ways to get some sort of restoration in certain communities. Fundraisers or whatever we can do,” Bieber said.

Bieber later assured the victims that he was there to help them when they need it.

“I’m going to get on that and in the meantime all the families and everyone who are struggling, just know that everything is going to be okay,” he said.

There are currently over five fires burning in Southern California and more than 200,000 people have been evacuated from their homes.



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