One of the five shutters of the Idukki dam in Kerala opened on at 12.30 pm as the water level kept rising with heavy rainfall in the state… reports Asian Lite News

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Idukki Dam -Aruna Vimalan, Facebook

The shutter of the Idukki dam, one of the highest arch dams in Asia, was lifted up by 50 cms at the Cheruthoni segment during the trial run, following heavy rains in the catchment areas. This is the third time in the History of Idukki dam , the shutters being opened.

The full capacity of the Idukki dam is 2403 feet, and the water levels touched 2398.80 feet at 10 am ie ,0.20 ft away from issuing the red alert..In 1992, the last time the shutter opened at 2401 feet. Fifty centimeters of the shutter is being opened now, releasing 50,000 litres of water.

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One of the five shutters openend at Cheruthoni

Idukki Dam is the tallest arch dam in India.. A similar situation had occurred in 1981 and 1992.If the heavy rain continues, then there is still a chance to epen the remaing shutters.




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