Impractical Jokers, the well-known US comedy group, will bring their act to India next year and are looking forward to spreading laughter and happiness in the country with their live gig, says group member James Murray… reports Asian Lite News

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James Murray

“We are planning to come to India to perform live. It was supposed to happen this year and then the ‘Impractical Jokers’ movie got a green light, so we had to pause. We are going to tour Australia and India in one trip,” Murray told IANS over the phone from Florida.

“We were planning to do an episode on Australia and a tour, and then go to India and do several shows around the country. We had to pause that until next year because of the movie,” he added.

Murray says it is really an exciting moment for the New York-based comedy troupe, which also comprises Joe Gatto, Brian Q Quinn and Sal Vulcano.

“I would love to be on stage and perform in front of thousands of Indian fans and make them laugh. It would be amazing.”

The New York-based comedy troupe, also known as The Tenderloins, caught the spiral of fame with the hidden-camera comedy reality TV series “Impractical Jokers”. They use a combination of hidden microphones and cameras to dare each other to go out of the comfort zone and embarrass themselves. The show is aired in India on Comedy Central.

Murray describes the show as a group of real-life best friends challenging each other.

Before bringing his comedy tour to India, Murray will be visiting the country later this year for a wedding. And he is looking forward to experiencing all things “desi”.

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James Murray

“My college room mate was an Indian, my best friend is from India and I am coming to India for the first time later this year. In the next six months, I am coming to India twice. I have written one movie screenplay and it was about an American boy falling in love with an Indian girl and they get married in India. So, it has been been a part of my life forever,” Murray said, explaining his bond with the country.

“I am coming to India for his (friend’s) wedding. I am very excited. I always wanted to visit the country. I don’t know the specific details about where I will be going… Delhi or Mumbai.”

Then he will be back in December for his book “Awakened”.

“I wrote a thriller called ‘Awakened’ and Harper Collins is publishing it. I am going to India in the first week of December to launch the book in India and I am going to meet with people at Comedy Central as well.”

He has planned something special for his Indian fans during his work trip to India.

“I am going to shoot some promos and commercials for them (Comedy Central). I am calling a party too for my Indian fans. No one knows it yet but I am very likely to throw two huge parties while in India for all the fans of Impractical Jokers.”

Before embarking on his Indian adventure, Murray, better known as “Murr”, will be interacting with Indian fans through a Facebook live session by Comedy Central on August 3 as part of their Friendship Day celebrations.

“We get a lot of fan mails from India. I think in the higher world most of our fans come from India… With the Facebook live, we will get to talk to them directly…I am so excited.”




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