Taking Kerala’s name to a far more heights, an NRI painter’s work in Australia have grabbed the attention of many people overseas and fetched accolades from different corners….reports Asian Lite News

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Sedunath Prabhakar, 43, hails from Kidangoor in Kottayam district work on a 50-metre long single canvas titled “Pride of Australia” was on display at the Queen’s Hall in the Victorian Parliament.

He painted portraits of 50 Australian greats who scripted history and produced remarkable achievements from diversive parts of society.

This is the the first time an Indian artist has got this opportunity.

The painting by Sedunath Prabhakar, settled in Melbourne, showcased portraits of 50 prominent Australians drawn from a wide and varying cultural, social and political spectrum.

The 50 Australian greats, whose portraits include Donald Bradman, first lady Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard, Captain James Cook (explorer), John Monash (Army Commander who took part in the First World War), Patrick White (Nobel Prize winner in literature), Emily Kame Kngwarreye (aboriginal artist), swimmer Ian Thorpe and footballer Tim Cahill.

The two-day exhibition of Prabhakar ended on Thursday evening, with all those who saw it appreciating the single canvas work.

Colin Brooks, speaker of the Victorian Parliament who extended the invite to Prabhakar, after going through the painting said Prabhakar has done a lot of research to select the 50 as he has included Australia’s first Prime Minister Sir Edmund Barton and it was in this hall that Australia’s first parliament had its sitting.

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Sedunath Parabhakar

“By holding Prabhakar’s exhibition, this clearly shows how this country promotes the talents of those who have come from other countries and this will certainly be a morale booster for all talented people,” said Brooks.

Consul General of India, Manika Jain said she felt proud of being an Indian after seeing the work of a fellow Indian getting huge appreciation from the Victorian Parliament.

Prabhakar, 43, hails from Kidangoor in Kottayam district. He did his graduation in Fine Arts from the prestigious Baroda School of Arts. He was in an ecstatic mood after getting accolades from everyone who came and saw his work.

“I feel excited and deeply satisfied,” said the artist, and added that his next major work is to get ready 60 paintings that tell the tradition of Oman and the cultural developments of people and the nation under the rule of Sultan Qaboos. The exhibition will be held in November in Oman.



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