896458756c496d2f8abe17b9b385d397At least 14 people were killed in Pakistan’s Lahore city when two powerful explosions rocked two churches, triggering retaliatory violence, the Pakistani media said.

Jamatul Ahrar, an offshoot of the Tehreek-e-Taliban, claimed responsibility for the deadly attack, news web sites said. Doctors where the dead and wounded were rushed to said 14 people were dead.

At least 50 people were wounded in the explosions in Youhanabad area, home to the country’s biggest Christian population.

Hundreds were attending the Sunday prayers at the Roman Catholic Church and the Christ Church when the explosions occurred.

Jamatul Ahrar spokesperson Ehsanullah Ehsan claimed responsibility for the attacks, Dawn reported.

Initial reports said a man, allegedly involved in the attack, was beaten to death by an enraged mob.

Other reports suggested that two suicide bombers carried out the attacks.

In 2013, twin suicide attacks at the All Saint’s Church in Peshawar’s Kohati Gate area killed 80 and wounded over 100 people.




  1. what a terrible thing to do to ones own people.
    also by them choosing to kill innocent people in this church
    they are actually saying by means of extreme violence that they don’t like change.
    and the change I am referring to is the change from following traditional Asian religion
    to Looking to the founder of Christianity.
    its like they are saying how dare you change?
    whilst overlooking the fact that what they chose to do in terms of suicide bombing is worse than
    people daring to look on the side that successive generations have ignored.
    the behavior and actions of the suicide bombers
    gives the impression that they don’t respect the rights of fellow humans?
    and when and if anyone dares to break with tradition regarding religion
    They are ” punished” by suicide bombers.
    but I want to assure all those that have lost loved ones that the god of the Christian Faith has the intention and ability to reunite you with your loved ones
    along with permanently removing the Adamic death sentence from all humans.
    so I would urge you not to let the suicide bombers destroy your faith.
    they are able to destroy lives of others along with themselves but they can’t destroy the source of life which comes from god.
    and as long as god exists then there will always be hope that one day the promises he inspired to be written in the bible for our benefit will finally come true.
    and you can have 100% confidence because those promises come from the god whose foremost quality is love.
    and unlike the Father of the Life (Satan the Devil)
    the god of Love cannot Lie
    and therefore any promises he makes no matter how long we have to wait for them to be fulfilled
    you can be absolutely certain they will come true.
    also you can be assured and comforted from knowing that although god allows people to misuse the free will he created humans with,
    he is nevertheless not indifferent to what we suffer.
    his sending of his son Jesus Christ is an expression of his unceasing love for the human family.
    he created us all
    he created this planet for us to live on
    and he certainly didn’t create it so that it would become a place for us all to suffer.
    the size of planet earth gives us much insight into gods generosity and his thoughtfulness
    along with his unequaled kindness which can be seen in the wide variety of food etc etc that sustains not just our lives but the animals too.
    Yes our creator is unquestionably loving and kind.
    and though he tolerates the bad behavior of people it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care.
    if the earth gives us insight into gods inner qualities then his book shows us even more.
    best wishes to you all.
    from Trevor


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