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Why Delhi is such a mess?


Bikram Vohra looks into the state of affairs in Delhi

Delhi Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung at the launch of "Phool Walon Ki Sair", (literally a procession of flower sellers) in New Delhi, on Oct.13, 2014. (Photo: IANS)
Delhi Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung at the launch of “Phool Walon Ki Sair”, (literally a procession of flower sellers) in New Delhi, on Oct.13, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

Last week I wrote about the manner in which the AAP-BJP-LG triangle is boring us into stupor. So, all three decided to leap into parole politics and turn the stupor into sheer mind numbing slumber. To my way of looking at the latest confrontation over the parole for OP Chauthala they are all telling the truth and they are all lying through their teeth.

I think the LG Najeeb Jung is telling the truth when he says he rejected the plea from OP Chauthala to be shifted to a prison facility in Haryana and also his plea for a second parole.

I also believe at the same time that the Delhi Home Minister was asked by the LG why a sick 84 year old man could not be given parole seeing as how he had been the leader of a national party. Whether this constitutes pressure on the Home Minister is a moot point.

I am sure that the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal may have mentioned the 20 odd cases against AAP members and wished them to disappear when he was meeting with the LG. Whether it was a quid quo pro for okaying Chauthala’s parole application, that thought is up for grabs.

Indeed, the BJP was preparing a special room in the cell in Haryana to house Mr Chauthala. I’ll buy that… it is the typical thing we’d do for VIP prisoners, a tribe common only to India. No where else in the world do they have so many VIPs given privileges in lock up.

Now, the lie part. The AAP denies it asked for the cases against its members to be withdrawn. Weak defence. It is a logical thing to do, why wouldn’t they have mentioned it. Instead we are forced to listen to endless natter about who invited who to the meeting…is that a priority in running the government? They are like spoilt children and they are not even embarrassed over such conduct.

Even the fish market analogy doesn’t hold good. This is so much worse.

The Lt Governor denies he was supporting the parole of a politician who ruined so many lives. It is more like he may have indicated a certain compassion or been asked by the Centre to do something so that the special house in Bhatinda didn’t go abegging. The subject probably did come up. Unlikely he said ‘look the other way’… could have said, look into it again, if you please.

Home Minister Jain is spraying righteous indignation about being coerced into reviewing the petition though one wonders if this pressure he speaks about is really that impressive. Can’t he have just said, no and ended the matter.

Anyway, between the three they have created a huge pile of verbal sewage and garbage beaten only by the stink rising from the uncleared muck on the Capital’s roads, a crisis they all should be more concerned with than wasting time messing about with Chauthala and his parole.

Where is public patience going to fray and fall apart? Every day some new hassle, some pointless, worthless, meaningless, self-absorbing vendetta that allows for governance to fall into the hole. This infernal threesome has driven the public to distraction.

One day, very soon, there will be a reckoning and it will not be pleasant.



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