As the whole country struggle against Corona in a variety of ways, a mall opened at the Prime Minister’s constituency to combat disease. It shows how the fear of corona has impacted the total lifestyle of people around the world changed the market concerns too. Wishing that face masks, sanitizers, hand wash or any other corona-related items are available under one roof! Head for Corona Mall in Varanasi.

This unique ‘Corona Mall’, in Sigra area of Varanasi, has all the items to guard against Covid-19.

People consider it turning adversity into opportunity. Due to its unique name, this mall remains a topic of discussion across the city.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the video conferencing of Chief Ministers. by .
Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the video conferencing of Chief Ministers.

Ashok Singh, the Corona Mall operator, told IANS, “To allay the fear of corona in the minds of people, we have got the whole range of infection-prevention equipment under one roof. Earlier, people had to run for masks, ‘gamcha’, soap and sanitizers to various places to protect themselves from corona. To mitigate the problems, we have now changed our ‘Chota Mall’ into ‘Corona Mall’. Unlike any other mall, we have all the items required to guard against corona infection available in this mall.”

He said the mall has been open for a week now and people don’t have to fear to overcrowd. People like it for they find at this place everything that is needed to protect oneself against corona, he added.

Children wash their hands on the Global Handwashing Day

“High-tech machines such as tunnel machine, automatic sanitizer machine, thermal scanner and many other items are available in this mall which is effective in protecting people from corona,” Singh said, adding that attractive masks, hand gloves, face covers and a large variety of sanitizers are available here. They include colourful and fancy masks for children as well as adults.

Avnish, a customer at the Corona Mall, said, “Earlier there was a lot of trouble getting masks and sanitizers. One would fear that the items might be fake but now in this mall, all such fears are allayed.”

Mukid, a Varanasi resident said, “In a very short time, Corona Mall has become quite famous. The best thing is getting all the branded goods here which is helpful in fighting the virus.”




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