The first knock of ISIS in India was noticed when Kerala police arrested two people who were recruiting a 21-year-old girl to fight as a foot soldier for the Islamic State in Yemen….A special report by Asian Lite News

Kochi: Arshi Qureshi and Rizwan Khan, arrested for allegedly recruiting youths to ISIS, have been brought to Kochi International Airport, in Kochi on July 24, 2016. Both of them are associated with controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik. (Photo: IANS) by .
Arshi Qureshi and Rizwan Khan, arrested for allegedly recruiting youths to ISIS, have been brought to Kochi International Airport, in Kochi (Photo: IANS)

Thirty-eight-year-old Sheena Farzana and 28-year-old Naser, volunteers of Sathyasarani, a Muslim charitable trust run by the radical outfit Popular Front of India (PFI), were arrested on charges of abduction of the 21-year-old from Palakkad district of Kerala.

The Hindu, girl was ‘influenced’ into converting to Islam while working at a private firm in Malappuram. She was led to believe that heaven was possible only if she lived like a true Muslim and fought for Islam.

The anti-national magnitude was such that a signature campaign against ISIS marked Eid in Visakhpatnam. A day after the Port City celebrated Rath Yatra, it was the turn of the Muslim community to observe Eid-ul-Fitr on Thursday, the culmination of a month-long Ramzan fasting.

Eid celebration this time was different for the residents of Old Town, who organised a signature campaign against the fundamentalist militant group ISIS. At Ambu Sarang Mosque, hundreds of community members participated in the campaign and signed on a board, on which it was written – ‘Campaign against anti-human and anti-Islamic acts of ISIS’.

An overwhelming number, 76 per cent, of the new converts are women below 35. In January-February last year, 224 Hindus and 60 Christians converted to Islam at a rate of roughly three new converts a day. A worrying factor is that a majority of the neo-converts belong to affluent families and either hold professional degrees or studying in professional colleges. During investigations, the police say they uncovered a conversion network, operating through front organisations like the Niche of Truth, Peace Education Foundation and Zakir Naik’s Islamic Research Foundation. Incidentally, Muslims comprise about 27 per cent of Kerala’s 33.3 million population.

While the security agencies are debating the ISIS connection of the terrorist Saifullah in Lucknow on 7th March, the fact is that he did not keep eight unlicensed pistols, 630 cartridges, three knives, ISIS flag, four SIM cards, three passports for any innocent reason. Nor did he prefer death to surrender without strong indoctrination. Kudos to Saifullahs’s father Sartaj and brother Khalid who have refused to accept the “traitor’s body”; while a Congress leader called the encounter “politically motivated”.

Will those sheltering, promoting, supporting, praising and protecting traitors and terrorists in Kashmir take a lesson?



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