Over 37 people have died  and 54000 people became homeless after floods hit Kerala … reports Asian Lite News

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CM Visits flood effected regions

The miseries continue in Kerala after the southwest monsoon since August 8 overflowed the dams and reservoirs. Over 37 people have died  and 54000 people became homeless in state. Many roads across the state caved and collapsed. Tourists are stranded, and wildlife is in danger as more than half of Kerala is dealing with severe flooding due to the unforgiving rain. Opening of all five gates of one of the dams of the Idukki water reservoir have only added misery to the already-dire situation. A fourth red alert has been issued for the Idukki reservoir, the gates of which were opened yesterday after 26 years.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan along with the Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala and other ministers visited the effected areas from helicopter and meet the displaced people in Wayanad district. The team also attended the meeting at Wayanad Collectorate. The chief minister cancelled all his public functions till August 12, and said he will personally monitor the situation from the state capital. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, who spoke with the chief minister on Friday, is also monitoring the situation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi too, spoke with chief minister Vijayan on Friday, and offered all possible assistance to those affected.

Idukki: One of the shutter of Idukki reservoir opened to maintain the water level in Idukki, Kerala on Aug 9, 2018. One of the highest dams in Asia, it is a double curvature, thin arc dam across the Periyar River in Kerala. (Photo: IANS) by .
Idukki: One of the shutter of Idukki reservoir opened to maintain the water level in Idukki, Kerala.

Rescue operations are being carried 500 relief camps have been set up so far. The army, navy, air force, coast guard, and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) have joined hands, by coordinating on a massive scale to carry out evacuations and relief operations. Five columns of the army have been deployed in the state’s seven severely-hit northern districts, out of Kerala’s 14, to help evacuate people, and to build makeshift bridges. The Indian Navy’s southern command has also been put on alert after water level in Periyar river rose amid concerns that parts of Wellingdon Island in Kochi could be completely inundated. Almost all of Kerala’s 40-odd rivers are in spate, officials said.

 by . Most of deaths have been caused by landslides. Buildings collapsed in the hilly areas like Munnar, Wayanad etc… Of the 29 people who died, 25 were killed in landslides, while four people drowned. Officials said that over 54,000 people are now housed in around 500 relief camps across the state.There is an intense scarcity of clean drinking wate in the effected areas.

Out of the 58 dams in  level had crossed the maximum storage capacity of reservoirs of 24 out of the state’s 58 dams, forcing officials to release the water by opening the sluice gates, including those of the Idukki reservoir. Two more shutters of the Cheruthoni dam, part of the Idukki reservoir, the biggest arch dam in Asia, were lifted yesterday.



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