The opposition attacked the Modi government for allegedly imposing an  “undeclared Emergency”  referring to the actions taken against the media including the raid conducted on NDTV while also admitting that the 1975 emergency by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was  a mistake and said that they have learnt from their mistakes….reports Asian Lite News

Bhachau (Gujarat): Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses at the inauguration of pumping station for releasing Narmada waters into Tappar Dam, in Bhachau, Gujarat on May 22, 2017. (Photo: IANS) by .
Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Photo: IANS)

Accepting that the “Emergency” was a mistake and the party had learnt from it, the Congress hit out at the Narendra Modi government saying the country’s situation was that of an “undeclared Emergency”.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about remembering the Emergency, we remember the Emergency, we haven’t forgotten. But we also ask him to remember that we are facing an undeclared emergency.

“If he learns from the lessons of Emergency, which we all have, he should learn from the new traits developed by his own government,” said Congress spokesperson Tom Vadakkan.

“The fact that there is muzzling of the media, raids conducted on the media and there’s a list of issues which only can be seen in an undeclared Emergency,” he added.

Modi, in his monthly radio address ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on Sunday recalled the “dark night” of Emergency when thousands of political activists were arrested and the country had virtually become a “prison”.

Vadakkan also said: “I also want the DAVP (Directorate of Audio-Visual Publicity) to issue a white paper on who are being given these advertisements and how much of corporate houses are involved in back-room management of the media.”

“Clever nuances have been developed, they are no match to a declared Emergency. Emergency was a mistake we accept. We have learnt from our mistakes.

New Delhi: CBI conducts raids at NDTV founder Pronnoy Roy's residence in New Delhi on June 5, 2017. The agency registered a case against him and his wife for causing alleged loss to a bank. (Photo: IANS) by .
CBI conducts raids at NDTV founder Pronnoy Roy’s residence in New Delhi (Photo: IANS)

“But, while reminding us of those mistakes, please learn to correct yourself. If you do not learn from history, you are condemned to repeat it. This country is seeing just that,” he added.

Vadakkan also rapped the government on the internal security situation.

“…This lynch mob, the (anti-) Romeo squad. What are these people all about?

“There were various issues raised by him (Modi) but I wish issues of internal security were also raised. 47 lives have been lost, not counting the death of a Deputy SP in Srinagar, who on security duty outside a masjid, was lynched by a mob. Not one word have you heard on this tragic death of this brave police officer,” said Vadakkan.

He also said that growth of separatism and transition of separatists to terrorists is most visible in Jammu and Kashmir.

“The so-called separatists have now become full-grown terrorists. Thanks to the help of PDP and choreography of the BJP, which speaks one language in the Valley and talks about nationalism all over India,” he added.



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