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The African National Congress (ANC) has won a commanding victory in South Africa’s general election with a majority of 249 seats in the National Assembly, the country’s Independent Electoral Commission announced Saturday.

This victory secured President Jacob Zuma’s second term.

While the ANC secured 62.16 percent of the votes, dropping from 65.9 percent in 2009, the Democratic Alliance remains the official opposition with 22.22 percent, up from 16.66 percent in 2009, and the newly-formed Economic Freedom Fighters came in third with 6.35 percent, Xinhua reported.

The president will be chosen by the National Assembly after the election.

The premiers of each province will be chosen by the winning majority in each provincial legislature.

The ruling African National Congress (ANC) “remains the only true hope for majority of our people, particularly the poor and the working class”, President Jacob Zuma said Saturday.

His remarks came as results confirmed ANC’s victory in the 2014 elections.

In a speech to the nation, Zuma said the ANC will use its majority to implement policies and programmes that further improve the quality of life of all, especially the poor, Xinhua reported.

“We will use this victory to continue delivering water, electricity, roads, schools, clinics, good schools and all amenities that enable our people to live in decent human settlements, in both urban and rural areas,” Zuma said.

According to final results released by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), the ANC won 62.15 percent of the votes, leaving far behind the biggest opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) which got 22.23 percent of the votes.

“This election victory has re-confirmed just how deeply rooted the ANC is in the hearts and minds of the overwhelming majority of South Africans,” Zuma said.

“We read this vote of confidence to be a strong sign of approval of the good work that we have done in the past twenty years in general and the last five years in particular, in building a better life for all,” he added.



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