DAILY DOSE By Bikram Vohra
I am very impressed with myself. Right through yesterday till late in the evening when Nandini’s baby girl was born making us grandparents for the third time I was strong and commanding and so much ‘all there.’ It is a rare talent.
Smart ManYou see men like us are made of stern stuff. A special breed. For one, we don’t flap, for another, even though daughters traditionally wrap their fathers round their little fingers we are calm and in control when it come to the bottom line. Somebody has to take charge. That is the nature of things. I was like a rock at times and a placid and comforting sea of reason at others and what you would call the ‘go to’ person, cool, on top of the situation, keeping everyone relaxed and lessening their stress factor.
Some of us are just like that.In between i even had time to take care of my other grandkids,Naya and Kai.
Even my wife admires these sterling qualities. It is like that Kipling poem (If) where he says while others about you are losing their heads you keep it on your shoulders and be the man.
So through the long day there I was, a stalwart to the core, man of the moment, easing Ambika’s concerns, de-tensing my other daughter who is a bit of a worrier and her husband Karan who tends to get a little anxious, being there for Vishal, my son in law who was as taut as a piano wire and needed a stout shoulder to lean upon, playing interference for friends and relatives, just being the voice of reason, guiding the doctors on how to do their job, a bit like Ben Hur holding the reins on this chariot.
Not everyone can be like that. Even Nandini’s mother in law was nodding in admiration. Some of us are born to lead from the front.
Now you might hear some rather rude rumours about how I was an emotional wreck and about as useful as a wet noodle and needed constant reassurance and was largely falling about. That even Nandini when she was in the labour room was asking how’s dad and Priyanka and our friend Jen were put in charge of looking after me because I had whipped myself into such a state and burned a hole in the carpet and when they brought the baby out all the nurses gathered to see ‘old man cry his eyes out’ and I want to tell you here and now that this is false rumour spread by those who are envious of us strong, silent types, men of mettle, forged in a special crucible, people you can depend on.
Like the brilliant Dr. Shiva and her super team at the International Modern Hospital who ribboned little Sitara for us…with that A team there who needed to be in charge.
Fathers are made for flapping…right?