shutterstock_145766399The most difficult thing to do: Move on, drop the past, don’t carry baggage from yesterday into tomorrow. It doesn’t matter whether it is a friendship, a job, love, business, most of us trap ourselves by lugging unnecessary cargo and falling down under its weight. Let it go.
I do it all the time. I come into a relationship, then when it has run its course and I realise I am left holding the short end of the stick I don’t cut my losses and put it down to experience.
Oh no, that would too smart a thing to do. That would be intelligent. What I do is burn and seethe and kick myself and plot elaborate scenarios of revenge and colour all my thinking with what I will do given the opportunity. And as I slosh about in the self-indulgence time is trotting on and the world isn’t waiting and the only one who is staggering and stumbling is myself and I am not even getting even.
I realise it is very easy to say, drop it, move on, move away, wipe out the experience, completely eliminate that person or persons from your mind. You lost, you got fooled, you got taken to the cleaners, bad deal, never mind, don’t let them have a second victory by allowing their influence to survive the parting.
I hate advice like this. It is logical and it makes sense and it is next to impossible to follow. I have tried.
By that token, sometimes people who are integral to our lives just fade away and the contact is broken. Don’t regret it. Perhaps it had run its course and the party was over, that is all you had to give to each other, all that was left was the packaging. There was good reason it is over. Don’t pull off the scab to examine the scar, let it be, you’ll be happier for it.



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