DAILY DOSE By Bikram Vohra

The big bully in the corporate world today is HR. Where did this lot come from? Knowing very little about the job and functions of the staff there they are pruning and cutting and snipping away at the bottom line like berserk gardeners bent on destruction.
HR back StabbingTheir only aim is to save money and save their jobs at the expense of others. And be more loyal than the boss.
In our time we had Accounts whom we hated with a passion largely because they would not pass our vouchers. These guys are purring pussycats compared to HR (we arrre Etch Hour) whose ignorance is matched only by their arrogance. These people actually get their jollies sacking people and eliminating all those who stand up to them. They wouldn’t know the right talent or the fluidity of that ability if it slapped them in the face.
In one of the jobs I held the cowardly CEO hid behind his chair (peep,sunny boy, but keep hiding) and gave the HR bozo the hatchet job to do. The gloating glee on the man’s face as he told me to take a hike was unforgettable. He was almost orgasmic yet he would not be able to make a bed let alone make a newspaper. It was his recommendation because I never gave him the time of the day and still don’t know his name. Nor do I particularly want to.
But HR has become so integral to the hi tech age you can’t beat it. The very fact that they dehumanize you by calling you a human resource gives you an idea of what a con this is. But whoever worked out this upgrade in mere administration and made this lot judge and jury of professional worth is a genius. He has taken the universe for a ride. All the bosses buy the bilge.
I think it is a safe wager that any company brought to its knees and slipping from the upward trend into the slope owes its eminent demise to Etchaaar.
The owners never get told how the morale, the team, the plans are all scrunched up by these glib and clever manipulators and how their personal peeves and prejudices make the decision for them. Now everyone is running scared of them.
A friend of mine has just lost her job. HR found her redundant in the sixth reorganizational bout of the year.
After 14 years of bloody good work.
The HR person who sacked her was in her second year of ruining people’s lives.
Don’t corporate bosses realize how much harm these people do or how mean they are?
I never thought I’d say this: but give me the old crusty, grumpy accountant any day. This lot is dangerous and spiteful.