Cameron says 2016 will be a “game-changer” for the UK, pledging reforms to home ownership and a crackdown on extremism

Prime Minister David Cameron
Prime Minister David Cameron

In his new year message, Prime Minister David Cameron said that he is determined to “secure our future” with the EU referendum, which could be held this year.

Snubbing the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, the prime minister said some people choose to “shout into megaphones, wave banners and sign petitions”.

He adds: “But we’re the ones who are able to make the arguments and take the difficult decisions in order to defeat these social scourges and deliver real security. So while others are on protest marches, we remain on the long walk to a greater Britain.”

He promises “real social renewal” in tackling poverty and improving social mobility, repeats pledges on house-building and says the government will “respond with vigour” to an extremism review later in the year.

He laid out his priorities for the next 12 months as “delivering the education, training, jobs, tax cuts, healthcare and housing people need”.

“But we’re also going to make sure no one should be on the outside looking in at all these things – that everyone is a part of Britain’s rise. In doing so, we can make 2016 a game changer for our country.”

Cameron also touched on his hope to secure a package of reforms in the European Union when he meets fellow leaders in February.

He said: “We’re fighting hard to fix the aspects of our EU membership that cause so much frustration in Britain – so we get a better deal for our country and secure our future. It is a difficult negotiation with 27 other countries. But throughout we are driven by one consideration: what is best for Britain’s economic and national security.”




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