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Ace Dancer Swathi Atluri to Perform in UK

SKAA UK tour

On a quest to promote Kuchipudi on an international level, ace dancer Swathi Atluri has embarked on a tour across the United Kingdom with the desire to contextualize and enlighten others of the beauty of the ancient art form….reports Asian Lite News

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SKAA UK tour

Siddhendra Kuchipudi Art Academy (SKAA), New Jersey USA will present “Kuchipudi Nrityanjali  – A dedication to tradition & innovation ” , created and performed by Smt. Swathi Atluri and her troupe. It is an attempt by the dancers of SKAA to take the audience on a scintillating and soulful journey via the medium of Kuchipudi. One of eight classical dances of India, and the hallmark art form of South Indian tradition, it is one of the gems India has to display. Based in the United States, SKAA has been dedicated to fostering a new generation of dancers in style of Kuchipudi over the last 35 years.

Over the last three decades, Smt. Swathi Atluri has performed nationally and internationally, captivating audiences with her grace and spellbinding gestures. Her everlasting passion and love for the art form has allowed her to instill culture, knowledge, and a refined skill set into the youth of America. Her  artistic excellence is showcased through all aspects of her work as a dancer, choreographer and teacher.

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She has received critical acclaim for her leading role performances in numerous stage productions and is renowned for her portrayal of both male and female characters. Lauded for her innovative dancing style, exemplary teaching approach and meticulous attention to the traditions and finer details of her art, She has collected numerous accolades throughout her career, both in the United States and internationally, most recently being awarded the title of ‘Nritya Kala Ratna’ at the 2016 Vamsi-ATA Awards. This prestigious award recognizes Swathi’s extensive and outstanding contribution to the promotion of Kuchipudi in the United States. She has choreographed several ballets like Hari Keertanacharya Annamaya, Siva Ganga, Ayyappa Saranam, Mohini Bhasmasuram, Geeta Govindam.

The tour will be stopping by established institutions in Kala Sangam Bradford, Shri Venkateswara (Balaji) Temple of UK Birmingham, Nehru centre London and Glasgow Mela (Scotland). The performing artistes of the SKAA troupe include Swathi Atluri(Gundapuneedi), Manish Polavarapu,  Hanish Polavarapu, Sri Reshmi Ogoti, Meghana Dantuluri, Priya Bhargava , Gayathri Pradha and Vaishnavi Pratha .

They will be performing select pieces from a “margam” or standard repertoire including Pari Pahi (invocatory song), Kamakshi Stuthi, Manduka Shabdam (one of the oldest pieces), Marakata Manimaya (a tarangam, the distinguishing feature of Kuchipudi from other Indian classical dances), Koluvai Unnade, and fi01nally tarana (similar to thillana, often performed as the concluding piece). From beginning to end, tales from Hindu epics, deeds and characteristics of deities, and the nature of man are portrayed through the use of hand gestures, body flexions, dramatization, and abhinaya (facial expressions) to create one, beautiful show.



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