The apex court of Pakistan acquits Aasia Bibi in the controversial blasphemy case

PAKISTAN-ISLAMABAD-INDEPENDENCE DAY by . Aasia Bibi, Pakistan’s longest serving and most famous blasphey victim has finally won her freedom.  A three judge panel has declared her innocent and now no further right of appeal against her acquittal exists. A three-member bench Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa; Justice Qazi Faez Isa and Justice Mazhar Alam Khan Miankhel, heard the review petition that was filed by Qari Muhammad Salaam.

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, welcomed the court decision and said: “Today is a day of rejoicing, come what may in the aftermath of this decision.

Aasia Bibi has always been innocent and it is a blight on Pakistan that it took almost ten years to come to this decision to free her.

“Her freedom is a massive step in the advancement of equality and justice in Pakistan.

“I am sure years from now her bravery in the face of such malice and her steadfast and resolutene faith in Christ despite the pressure to adopt Islam, will become a galvanising cry for change which will topple the deepset intolerance in Pakistan.

“Asia is an international figure now and can represent not only the Pak-Christian cause but the cause for all persecuted Christians and minorities. This woman’s sacrifice deserves a noble peace prize and I know soon many key figures across the globe will be challenging for this to happen.

“No humanitarian group can rest on their laurels our work is not complete.

“Over 40 other blasphemy victims reside in Pakistani jails of which close to 50% are known to be Christian – Pakistan’s draconian blasphemy laws must be abrogated speedily to prevent this ever happening again!.

“Following the decision, people are beginning to holler for Asia Bibi’s death and we are very concerned for her safety. She will need to continue to be subjected to security measures, while these extremists fixate on her. She must exit Pakistan as soon as possible! She has already needed to remain under guard, another three months following her acquittal.

Aasia Bibi must be able to flee to her family in the safety of their new home. Diplomats have confirmed that Aasia’s family have been re-located to Canada, now she must be able to join them in freedom. The time has come for them to be together.”



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