UK arms export licences to Israel will only be suspended if fresh violence breaks out in Gaza, ministers say. It has identified 12 licences for components which could be used in equipment in Gaza by Israel. It says it would suspend them “in the event of a resumption of significant hostilities,” the BBC reported.
ISRAEL-GAZA STRIP-CEASEFIRE EXTENSION-AGREEMENTThe Lib Dems had urged a suspension regardless of the current ceasefire. A spokesman said this was “as far as we have been able to reach in collective agreement with the Conservatives”, added the BBC.

“It is no secret that there has been a difference of opinion in the coalition government on this issue,” the spokesman said. He said Lib Dem ministers had “been very clear for some time both privately and publicly that they wanted to see arms export licences to Israel suspended because of the situation in Gaza”.

“It has taken a significant amount of time and effort from Liberal Democrats in government to get us this far.”



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