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BIZ PROFILE: Arjun Panesar


Asian Lite profiles Mr Arjun Panesar,  digital entrepreneur and founder of Diabetes.co.uk, Europe’s largest diabetes community with members from over 200 countries

Arjun Panesar, 31, joined Diabetes.co.uk in 2010 as a Director specialising in CTO and Conversion. Since assuming this role he has grown the market-leading Diabetes.co.uk community to over 3.6 million page impressions with 2.2 million UV per month and over 475,000 members. Diabetes.co.uk is Europe’s largest diabetes community with members from over 200 countries.

Whilst working for Diabetes.co.uk, he has implemented landing page optimisation and improvements in a number of key niche health areas producing substantial results. The landing page conversion rates were over 60% with 800%+ ROI. Arjun manages teams focusing on delivering social media, community management, moderation and analytics strategies to ensure engagement is providing strong ROI. He is responsible for conversion optimisation and implementing UI strategies to maximise user engagement.

Prior to working for Diabetes.co.uk, and at just 19 years old in 2003, he co-founded Studento.com; a website growth advertising revenue, advising new clients on maximum conversions through targeted strategies. It has been developed as a leading online student platform and Arjun continues to oversee the student operational team.

Mr Arjun Panesar

Arjun graduated from Imperial College, London in 2006, with a 1st Class MEng degree in Computing and Artificial Intelligence and as the winner of The Outstanding Achievement of the year award. In his final year of University Arjun became the Usability and Conversion Consultant to Sitefinders Net Ltd, where he continues to be responsible for developing leading online properties and other key UK generics.

From University he went on to work at the Financial Services Network Ltd as a technical consultant and in 2008 became their CTO. Since 2010, Arjun has been a Director at Diabetes.co.uk, Europe’s largest diabetes resource and has Europe’s largest Facebook page with a reach of over 650k a month. Arjun launched digital campaign ‘#Bloodsugarselfies’ in 2014 to highlight World Diabetes Day, uniting the global diabetes community and raising awareness and charity funds. The result was 45,000 likes, 4,500 comments, 10,000 shares and 867 donations within a few days with almost £5,000 being raised for diabetes research.

Arjun is responsible for launching DiabetesPA, the universal diabetes healthcare app created with the help of 20,000 members of Diabetes.co.uk. The app is a simple, practical and free way for people to monitor every aspect of their diabetes, in many ways your very own diabetes personal assistant.

Arjun recently launched the first free structured online Low Carb Education Programme for people living with type 2 diabetes. The Low Carb Programme is designed to be a healthy sustainable lifestyle intervention that is experience-led, rather than a quick fix ‘diet’ and takes people through the theory and also provides the practical application on how to implement a low carb lifestyle.  Over 150,000 people have enrolled within 6 months and the campaign is seeing fantastic health outcomes as well as tremendous health savings for the NHS.