Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was grilled by a Sikh woman during a visit to a Gurudwara in Bristol….reports Asian Lite News

He did it again. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson apologised to a Sikh woman for mentioning alcohol during a Sikh temple visit at Bristol.

The senior Tory leader was commenting the better trade relations with India in the post-Brexit era.He said the Scotch exports will go up to India as soon Britain ends the deal with EU.

The Sikh woman told Boris that the religion forbids alcohol. The foreign secretary tried to apologise, but the woman continued to berate him, telling him about the effect of alcohol on her family. Like Islam, Sikh religion also forbids alcohol consumption.

The issue draws flak from his political opponents.

“This crass misjudgement has shown Boris Johnson is incapable of representing his own party at home, let alone representing Britain abroad,” said Liberal Democrat Shadow Foreign Secretary Tom Brake.  “It doesn’t bode well for all the trade deals the Brexiteers have promised. The British people don’t have to settle for bungling Boris and Theresa May’s risky and extreme version of Brexit. The Liberal Democrats will give people a say on the Brexit deal in a referendum, with the choice to remain in Europe.”



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