The new foreign secretary will host a series of international meetings in London, reports Asian Lite News

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson will bring together international partners for a series of meetings in London. The Foreign Secretary will host US Secretary of State John Kerry for a bilateral meeting, underlining the importance of the special relationship following Britain’s decision to withdraw from the European Union.

Afterward, the Foreign Secretary will host a meeting of foreign ministers from Germany, France and Italy, and the EU High Representative to discuss the conflict in Syria. The session will focus on the fragile cessation of hostilities, the dire humanitarian situation, and the conditions needed for parties to resume UN-backed talks.

Former London Mayor Boris Johnson

In the evening, the Foreign Secretary and Secretary Kerry will attend a meeting with foreign ministers from Saudi Arabia and UAE to discuss the conflict in Yemen. Against a backdrop of UN-facilitated peace talks resuming in Kuwait on Saturday 16 July, the group will discuss ways to support the political process and find a solution to the conflict.

Speaking ahead of the meetings, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said, We must be more active, more engaged and more outward-looking, so I am delighted to have this early opportunity to welcome my international counterparts to London for important meetings on the conflicts in Syria and Yemen. I will be making clear my view that the suffering of the Syrian people will not end while Asad remains in power. The international community, including Russia, must be united on this.”

On Thursday the Foreign Secretary will arrive in Washington DC for a series of meetings with international counterparts on countering the threat of Daesh.



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