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Brexit a ‘vaccine’ against anti-EU propaganda: Tusk

European Council President Donald Tusk (Xinhua/Ye Pingfan/IANS)

Terming Europe a “winner” in the European Parliament elections, EU Commission President Donald Tusk said Brexit has acted as a “vaccine” against Euroskepticism…reports Asian Lite News

European Council President Donald Tusk (Xinhua/Ye Pingfan/IANS)

“I have no doubt that one of the reasons that people on the Continent voted for a pro-European majority is also Brexit … As Europeans see what Brexit means in practice, they also draw conclusions. Brexit has been a vaccine against anti-EU propaganda and fake news,” Xinhua quoted Tusk as saying to reporters on Tuesda

“Some major Euroskeptic parties had abandoned anti-EU slogans and “presented themselves as EU reformers,” said Tusk, hailing those changes as “positive.”

“We are all aware of the state of things in London — nothing promising I should say,” he noted, saying that during the leaders’ dinner “no one even tried to discuss” Brexit.

Britain’s Theresa May announced she would resign on June 7 as leader of the Conservative Party, and as Prime Minister who has been tasked with Brexit from the very first. May’s resignation had been anticipated, but was still a dramatic moment in British politics.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt became the first front-line politician after May’s resignation speech to throw his hat into the ring in a contest that has already thrust one of Hunt’s predecessors, Boris Johnson, into the spotlight. Johnson is slated as the favourite to win by most bookmakers.


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